I am a Product Design Manager for the mid-market team at QuickBooks. My role involves leading the Advanced Accounting charter in our organization, which primarily serves accountants and CFOs working for mid-market and enterprise businesses worldwide. In addition to my responsibilities as a people manager, I have played a key role in obtaining stakeholder buy-in, crafted a target state vision, and secured funding for multiple new product features that bridge the PMF gap in this space.

Before this, I created 0-1 experiences by launching a Neo Bank and Cash Flow forecasting tool in the Money team at QuickBooks. While working in London, UK, I designed experiences for small businesses and self-employed customers to assist them with their finances and taxes.

I worked as a multi-disciplinary designer in my earlier career, creating brand strategies, visual systems, and event experiences within agencies and in-house spaces.

My expertise lies at the intersection of brand, product, and business. Regardless of the project, I always keep our customers and stakeholders at the center of all decisions. Candor with kindness, accountability, and excellence are values that I hold dear. When I am not working, I enjoy discovering local artists in the countries I visit, burning calories while chasing our toddler, and playing tabletop games with my husband at our San Francisco Peninsula home.