Instead of providing generic information to an already informed audience, the Safe Catch campaign makes it easier for people to buy ocean-friendly seafood.

Safe Catch

This project intends to address the ever-growing problem of overfishing through design in a way that would pique peoples’ interest in this environmental issue without adding social pressure. If equipped correctly, an informed consumer can make a choice that helps alleviate the problem on both local and global scale.

Catching too much fish without stringent regulations leads to an overall degradation of the global ecosystem, making overfishing a non-sustainable use of the oceans. In this project, I took relatable comparisons and posed the problem as interesting trivia. Thus making the consumer stay intrigued without being reproachful. This was achieved through the diligent use of BTL media like brochures, booklets, calendar cards, labels, POS materials, etc. The concept was to introduce the ‘Safe Catch’ label in the market and help people buy ocean-friendly seafood. Some of the key results that the campaign focused to achieve were — to help consumers and businesses make the right choices for healthy oceans and to create local supply and demand for environmentally-sustainable seafood products.

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