These constructions represent the definition of my sacred space. The lines and arcs align with the planes of the earth, sun, moon and the stars to construct cosmic balance.

sacred geometry

This project aspired to be a visual exploration into how the principles of sacred geometry affect the circle, sphere and wheel, as well as touch the celestial bodies and the universe. We started defining what space was most sacred to us — be it physical or emotional. And based on this definition, we were able to reflect our interpretation of “sacred” upon these art pieces using geometric constructs.

Knowledge comes from many external sources through everyday life but wisdom & true knowledge comes from within oneself. Based on this belief, I chose to create geometric designs on three auspicious symbols described in Jainism, Buddhism and Hinduism—Purnakalasha, Swastika and Minyugala. Purnakalasha is a symbol of abundance and the source of life. I created this icon taking the concept of earth moon and circling the square to drive this idea of life and divinity, using the pitcher as earth and the lotus as moon. The Swastika is an equilateral cross with its arms bent at right angles. Minyugala is a symbol that depicts the flow of divine life in the cosmic ocean, and consists of two fishes, which usually appear vertically parallel and turned towards each other. I created this piece using vesica piscis as the base of my creation.

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