A brand-new packaging was created to launch Merrell’s campaign for its summer range of products by compounding aerial topographic imagery with contrasting diagonals and superimposed textures.

merrell packaging

The aim was to create an in-store packaging campaign for Merrell and to design a system while exploring a wide range of three-dimensional packaging possibilities. We were to draft a marketing brief, conduct research to develop designs that visually reinforced the brand and to create packaging with a strategic design perspective on brand development.

Merrell embraces the amazing diversity and unique sense of adventure that California offers at every turn. This in-store packaging system was designed to launch their new campaign for the summer, encouraging people to go camping, hiking and exploring the great outdoors with Merrell’s new product range. With a revolutionary shoebox and ingenious packaging, the summer collection was sure to spark enthusiasm that propels and prepares the customers for their adventurous journeys. The design language used images of aerial photography, topographic maps & satellite photographs with deep contrasts, scaling diagonals and superimposed textures to reinforce the thrill of adventure while keeping the original feeling of the Merrell brand intact. We were able to engineer true product innovation that was backed by multi-dimensional design strategy.

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