Different techniques were used to distort light, color and type to create a chaotic experience that bared the soul of my song.

give me more

The intention of this project was to develop a rationale for interpreting a piece of music through typography, imagery and layout. After choosing the music track, we wrote down, gathered and researched every idea, emotion, metaphor and visual that we associated with the song. We then used projectors to compose different pieces onto various surfaces to create more dimensional design solutions.

I chose to work with the “Give me more” soundtrack by Fever Ray for this project. My personal interpretation of this song was — ‘As humans, we are always desiring, craving for something more. In that state, we lose our kindness, and become harsh and unfriendly. Our selfishness permeates all our senses and we forget to see the bigger priorities of life. We are crushed by it as it fills us up, satisfies us in a way that makes us neither want nor need anything or anyone else.’ I used beautiful italic type-lockups and paired them with singular bold words to create interesting fusions of forms. Techniques like distortion of light, folding, rough textures and graphics were used to create a chaotic visual experience that conveyed the meaning of the song in a very typographical manner.

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