Information and learning are like two peas in a pod. Through a reformatory rebrand, Borders transformed itself from being just a warehouse of information to a space that goes beyond the written word.

borders rebrand

This rebranding project aimed to identify the essence of the Borders brand and distill it. The objective then was to catapult the brand into an entirely new category while remaining true to its core essence.

Borders was a publicly held bookchain that revolved around forming a community of people and providing them with knowledge and entertainment. After conducting an extensive research on bookstores around the world and how this business looks like in the tech-driven future, I came up with a new plan for Borders based on their core objective. Instead of just being a bookstore, the new Borders would aim to be a brand that fosters a communal feeling and connects people through a shared learning experience. It would be a place for a young audience to gain knowledge from other people in their own community.

The new mark for Borders is a combination of an owl and the infinity symbol conveying knowledge, wisdom and connection. In the infinity symbol, the circles sit side by side, implying equality between opposing forces, while converging at a single point. The sign epitomizes the idea of “Two becoming one” and it stands for wholeness and completion. The mark makes a simple and bold graphic statement that can be adopted on different platforms.

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