Through type, this book illustrates my blind journey through pockets of a neighborhood, while I relied solely on my senses of smell, sound, touch and a whole lot of faith and intuition.

blind book

The blind book is a result of a large undertaking of extensive research, writing, image gathering and of course, design. The main source of research material was my own environment. I was to mentally and physically record things that I saw, heard, touched and smelt as I went about my daily routine. These recordings were then to be the fuel for my writing and designing of a visual book that typographically told my story.

It’s a regular ritual of mine to pick a locale from a stack and set out to make microculture maps of this quirky city which is slowly becoming my home. For this project, I set out to document one such journey through a neighbourhood, but this time with my eyes closed! I decided to blindfold myself and take a sightless tour of one of San Francisco’s coziest neighbourhoods —Bernal Heights. I had walked a block with my eyes closed once before and the experience was a memory that was terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. This book tells my story, what I ‘see’ with my ears, nose, skin; and my inner musings as I try to make sense of what’s around me.

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